Alexander Lozano – Cyclops #1-12 cover

Alexander Lozano drew all of the Cyclops series’ covers. Specialized in designing covers for comic books, he especially drew the covers for AXIS : Carnage (2014), a fantastic one for All New X-Men #39 (2015) and the amazing one of Uncanny X-Men #18 (2014). His most important work remains his covers for the 12 issues of Cyclops. Alexander Lozano‘s style is amazing. Unlike Adi Granov, his signature is less geometrical and abstract, looking more like a real signature someone could make on paper. Likewise, his style is less cold and metallic – even the way he draws metallic objects is realistic and absolutely fantastic. It seems like his covers are made with pencils and brushes, rather than on a computer : indeed, we can see the brushstrokes on his characters and on their clothes. The heroes’ costumes lose their spandex side for a more realistic appearance.

Travelling across the universe with his father on his spaceship, the young Cyclops has discovered a lot of new planets, new friends and new enemies. One of them even hacked their ship, forcing father and son to land on an unknown planet. If this accident seems to make Corsair laugh, Cyclops doesn’t share his feelings and is rather terrified. The most impressive detail on this cover might be Cyclops’ visor, impressively well-designed. If I could, I would ask Alexander Lozano for a single drawing of this particular visor. But we mustn’t forget about the hull of the spaceship, which is a real world of metal and transparent glass. And what about the other ship on this outside ? Their cold and metallic aspect form an interesting contrast with the brushstrokes on Cyclops’ costume.

Alexander Lozano - Cyclops #3 cover
Alexander Lozano – Cyclops #3 cover © Alexander Lozano / Marvel

Unfortunately, even on an isolated planet Corsair and Cyclops cannot escape from the bounty hunters like Travis and his crew. On of them is his slave, the Savva. She’s the woman who’s fighting Cyclops on the cover. This spectacular fight, as it appears on this cover, is not that much important in the comic book itself. But Alexander Lozano managed to make it a great sword fight. Rather than using his powers, Cyclops uses what he has learned with his father (see Cyclops #4). I love the Savaa’s cloths and Cyclops’ torn costume,which give the young mutant a desperate and ferocious look. He’s ready to fight whoever or whatever stands against him, to protect his father and himself.

Alexander Lozano - Cyclops #5 cover
Alexander Lozano – Cyclops #5 cover © Alexander Lozano / Marvel

Cyclops isn’t always fighting aliens girls, sometime he even tries to kiss one. And the one he’s kissing right now isn’t a poor little girl from a wasted planet, but the daughter of Captain Malafect, the main antagonist of the next issues and Corsair’s foe. He’s even right in the middle of the cover, barging into the two love birds. This cover looks more like a painting than a regular drawings ; the lines are not very clear and the colors take the major role. Like the previous covers, the brushstrokes are clearly visible, given this painting aspect at the this cover, even more than the previous ones. Besides, I think Cyclops looks amazingly like James Marsden, Cyclops’ performer in the X-Men movies. If Cyclops seems to dread of this kiss, Vileena Malafect on the contrary looks more craving than ever to kiss him. Maybe Cyclops still has Jean Grey in his head ?

Alexander Lozano - Cyclops #8 cover
Alexander Lozano – Cyclops #8 cover © Alexander Lozano / Marvel

Jean Grey that Cyclops finds again thank to the Black Vortex saga (see Andrea Sorentino – All New X-Men #38-39). This cover is the last one of the Cyclops series. A burning Jean Grey, surrounding by a fired bird like a Phoenix – the manifestation of the Phoenix Force ? – is rushing towards Cyclops and Raza Longknife, one of the Starjammers. As magnificent as this cover is, I can’t see the link between it and the issue of Cyclops, which does not mention the Phoenix or Raza, but talks about the Black Vortex, its power and the improvement of young Cyclops, young Iceberg and Groot. Though this cover is one of my favorite amongst the one drawn by Alexander Lozano.

Alexander Lozano - Cyclops #12 cover
Alexander Lozano – Cyclops #12 cover © Alexander Lozano / Marvel

Alexander Lozano‘s work on the Cyclops‘ cover is amazing. Rather than paperless or regular drawings, his covers looks like real paintings made with brushes and paints.


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