Andrea Sorrentino – Old Man Logan #5 SW

On this October 2015, Brian Michael Bendis and Andrea Sorrentino concluded their run on Old Man Logan, a Secret Wars tie-in. The question that everyone had in mind at the end of Old Man Logan #4 was where did Logan landed again ? After a journey across many realms of Battleworld, where was he ? The last page of the issue represented a modern-day New-York with its most recognizable buildings like the Daily Bugle or the Stark Tower. We could think that Logan was in fact in the kingdom of Manhattan, a reunion of both Earth 616 and Earth 1610 Manhattan, ruled by Medusa/Black Bolt – see Inhumans : Attilan Rising for more details. But it looks like Logan landed somewhere else …

On top of a building, Logan’s thinking about every one he encountered during his trip in Battleworld, from She-Hulk to Emma Frost, some versions of long-dead friends – killed by himself – and some of other Logans’ enemies, and what leaded him to make this journey : the Ultron mask. Andrea Sorrentino’s style is easily recognizable in this two-pages spread, thanks to the multiplication of small panels across the pages. Each portrait represents a new realm, and each realm drives away Logan from his original land. Maybe he’s lost hope to ever come back to Danielle and baby Hulk, maybe he’s still willing to fight to go home. These strong pages represent a thinking man, away from his home, his loved-one, in a far away and unknown world. This maybe is why I like this series, and Andrea Sorrentino‘s drawings, so much. He and Brian Michael Bendis didn’t tell the story of a well-known Logan, with his claws and everything, they presented a man lost in a strange world. And finally, reaching an other version of Manhattan, an apparently peaceful one, he can rest and think.

Andrea Sorrentino - Old Man Logan #5 p.5-6
Andrea Sorrentino – Old Man Logan #5 p.5-6 © Andrea Sorrentino / Marvel

In this Manhattan, Logan is spotted by Emma Frost and a young Jean Grey, similar to the ones from Earth-616. They took him in a sort of refuge, where all of the X-Men stared at him and discussed while he was eating. The weird thing about this reunion was the presence of both young and adult Cyclops Like I already said about young Jean Grey, it looks like Logan landed in Earth 616. But the weirdest thing is, Cyclops is alive – whereas he was killed by God Doom in Secret Wars #4. The real question isn’t where is Logan, rather than when is he. He seems to me he’s on Earth 616, a rebuilded one after the end of Secret Wars. This last issue of Old Man Logan SW would be a prequel for his series post-Secret Wars, explaining how he got there. It’s funny to see Logan eat while the others around him are discussing about him : he does not seem to care bout it, and keeps focusing on his food. After all he’s seen, Logan is not a bit confused with the two Cyclops, or an alive Emma Frost.

Andrea Sorrentino - Old Man Logan #5 p.13
Andrea Sorrentino – Old Man Logan #5 p.13 © Andrea Sorrentino / Marvel

But Logan stays a man, and despite all he’s been through, a some point the armor cracks and the tears fill his eyes. It’s not often that we see Logan cry, therefore this page is perhaps the most touching one of the issue. Every friend he ever knew, every woman he ever loved, his memories like a tree grow until the day he joined the X-Men and met Nightcrawler, Cyclops and Jean Grey. We can see his son Daken, alongside his adoptive son, baby Hulk. The tree of Logan’s memories is filled with more dead people than one man can ever bear. Away from the bloodthirsty Logan, Andrea Sorrentino and Brian Michael Bendis present a touching and moving one.

Andrea Sorrentino - Old Man Logan #5 p.16
Andrea Sorrentino – Old Man Logan #5 p.16 © Andrea Sorrentino / Marvel

Logan’s destiny is to lead the rebellion against God Doom. At least according to Emma Frost, who’s showing Logan what will happen – or what had already happened ? Take a look at Hulk : it could be Bruce Banner, but it could as well be Amadeus Cho, the next Hulk and future star of The Totally Awesome Hulk. Especially with the second Hulk in the background, who looks more like Hulk-Bruce Banner. So what this reunion shows ? The present and the future of the multiverse ? Is this like a promotional image for All New All Different Marvel ? How can we be a hundred percent sure about this ? I think the answer is simple : we’ll have to wait for the next Secret Wars issue. The fact remains that this double-page spread is amazing, with the old Logan as a leader of the rebellion, followed by every heroes, mutants and inhumans, in order to take down God Doom.

Andrea Sorrentino - Old Man Logan #5 p.19-20
Andrea Sorrentino – Old Man Logan #5 p.19-20 © Andrea Sorrentino / Marvel

Logan finally woke up in a dark alley, naked like if he had just been born, in a world which looks like our Earth, Earth 616. But a world after Secret Wars, as witnessed the new Iron Man’s armor, and the female Thor on the building. How did Logan get from a reunion with the X-Men from this dark alley in Manhattan? Did he wake up eight months after the end of Secret Wars – like the All New All Different series take place – or will he discover a new world during these months, allowing us to understand what happened ? Or did Emma Frost manipulated him with her mutant powers ?

Andrea Sorrentino - Old Man Logan #5 p.27-28
Andrea Sorrentino – Old Man Logan #5 p.27-28 © Andrea Sorrentino / Marvel

We have a lot of questions after the end of this episode, maybe more than we had before. Unlike the others issues, this last one is a reflexive one. Logan’s thoughts and memories are the center of the story. But what exactly happened during this issue ? Did Logan meet the X-Men, both adults and youngs one, or did he dream it ? Is it a mix between a premonition and memories ? For a lot of reasons – Andrea Sorrentino‘s style, the character who’s Logan, the eagerness for the explanations – I can’t wait to read the first issue of Old Man Logan, in store this October.


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