Stuart Immonen – Uncanny X-Men #600

Stuart Immonen, the creator of the All New X-Men series with Brian Michael Bendis and now artist of the Star Wars series, drew some pages for the last issue of Brian Michael Bendis on Uncanny X-Men. Thus Stuart Immonen concluds the work with the original five X-Men he started in 2012.

During these three years that lasted the first volume of All New X-Men, the original five went through a lot of adventures, far away from their first encounter with Magneto in X-Men #1 (1963) : they had to fight against the new brotherhood of Mystique, to face the enormous change of Jean Grey’s powers and the discover of her telepathic abilities – wich caused some awkward situations like Iceman’s forced coming-out – before fighting against their own during the Battle of the Atom crossover. They finally found refuge with Cyclops and his new Charles Xavier’ secret school, before facing the Trial of Jean Grey by the Shia’rs, because of what her adult-self did years ago. This journey into space allows the young Cyclops to discover that his long-lost father wasn’t dead after all, so he left his friends to go travel across the galaxy (see Cyclops). The team got reunited in the Black Vortex cross-over (see Andrea Sorrentino – All New X-Men #38-39) with the Guardians of the Galaxy – at the end of which Kitty Pryde and Peter Quill got engaged.

The original five – and X-23 – are back on Earth, resting after their last adventure with the Utopians (see Mahmud Asrar – All New X-Men #40-41). They are enjoying their last moment together as a group before Jean Grey unleashes a bomb on them : she wants to leave the team. This first double-page spread gives a perfect idea of relaxation, of what the X-Men need – they’re lying on the grass, enjoying the sun, while Angel is flying As soon as Jean Grey gets up, everybody get tensed and stand too. She’s also the only character who breaks the lines of the panels, like she wants to break her relationship with her friends. She stands as she was ready to go, without any formal goodbye to anyone. But she hasn’t that pleasure, because Hank left before anyone else, convinced that this is all because of him – his adult-self at least.

Stuart Immonen - Uncanny X-Men #600 p.22-23
Stuart Immonen – Uncanny X-Men #600 p.22-23 © Stuart Immonen / Marvel

Thus Jean Grey gets angry when Hank leaves instead of listening to her reasons why she needs a break with he team. She follows him and stops him telekinetically, rising him from the ground to fly with her. In order to calm an angrier Hank, she confesses about her feelings about him … and kisses him ! She kisses Hank McCoy, while Scott, back on Earth, is watching them – spying of them would be more accurate. The fact remains : Jean kisses Hank under Scott’s nose. How could she do that, after all that happened during Black Vortex : she was ready to kiss Scott, before Hank interrupted them. Just like with Iceman and his secret about his sexuality, Jean doesn’t give a shit about her teammates, and acts like a selfish girl who does what she wants. She wanted to kiss Scott, but now she wants to kiss Hank so she does. And what about Scott ? Did she thinks about him just a minute ? I can’t be happy for her and Hank for their kiss, because I’m feeling sorry for Scott. Sorry and sad. He never stops thinking about her when he was on his father’s ship – as his drafts of letters for her on the floor testifies – and now they’re finally on the same planet, she betrays him like that ? I wonder what will happen to them when and if the Extraordinary X-Men of Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos encounters the All New X-Men of Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley.

Stuart Immonen - Uncanny X-Men #600 p.27
Stuart Immonen – Uncanny X-Men #600 p.27 © Stuart Immonen / Marvel

As always, Stuart Immonen‘s drawings are fantastic, and even if I love the fact that he’s working for Star Wars, I just hope he will be back on an X-Men title some day. Brian Michael Bendis offers us a new romantic relationship on All New X-Men, wich doesn’t involve Jean and Scott, but rather Jean and Hank. He ends the story he initiated on All New X-Men #15 (drawn by David Lafuente), after Jean kisses Hank for the first time. But instead of making it a simple fling without any consequences, he makes it a big deal for both Jean and Scott’s future. Eight months after their kiss and a separation, are they still together ? Are they trying a long-distance relationship ? How Scott feels towards both Jean and Hank, who’s still on his team ? I’m more excited than ever to read the first All New X-Men volume 2 issue.


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