David Lopez – All New Wolverine #1

David Lopez (1975 -) is a Spanish comic-book artist well-known for his work on the series Fallen Angel (2003-2005) with the author Peter David (who’s actually working on Spider-Man 2099) and published by DC comics. David Lopez also worked for Marvel on many series, among which New Mutants (2010-2012), X-Men (2012-2013) and the previous volume of Captain Marvel (2014-2015). 

Shot in the head, Laura collapsed on the ground under the terrifying looks of the Parisians. As Wolverine’s clone, she has his prodigious healing factor which prevent her to die from such wound. Instead, she plunges in a sort of coma, where she dreams about Wolverine, her mentor. Their “conversation” is a touching one : maybe for the first time, Laura admits that she’s glad she’s her clone and not somebody else’s. She is Wolverine’s true heir, she’s the best at what she does – even he recognizes it. Despite her flaws, Logan is proud of Laura, of what she was able to do with her life. Unlike him, she had a real youth – strewn with obstacles along the road. The girl whose first aim was to kill managed to build a life on her own. Isn’t that what every parents want for their kids ? They both are dressed in their X-Force’s costume, a team they were both members and the one Wolverine didn’t want Laura to be involved with. 

David Lopez - All New Wolverine #1 p.8
David Lopez – All New Wolverine #1 p.8 © David Lopez / Marvel

In addition to the name, Laura also took Wolverine’s costume, the blue and yellow, the most iconic of all Wolverine’s costumes. It is a strong act by which Laura rises as Wolverine’s heir. She leaves the coat she was wearing since the beginning of the issue, and reveals herself as the new Wolverine. The way David Lopez drew her body reminds me of Frank Cho‘s : a very muscular and large one. Laura isn’t oversexualized like most of the female heroes are – the best example being Emma Frost. Her lower body makes me rather think of a male than a female body with its big thighs and muscled calves. If its was not for her breast, she could pass for a male Wolverine. 

David Lopez – All New Wolverine #1 p.11 © David Lopez / Marvel

There is only one double-page spread in this issue, and I’d like to talk about it. Angel, Wolverine’s lover, has rescued her from her fall of the Eiffel Tower. He’s dropping her in the middle of the sky on a helicopter. Claws out, she’s ready to land and attack. Her wildness contrasts with the calm of Angel, whose powers are still enhanced after the original five’s encounter with the Black Vortex (see Andrea Sorrentino – All New X-Men #38-39). This double-page spread is cut into two unequal parts : the left one with Laura’s fall, streghtens by the lines of the rain, and the right part with the landing. It’s like the opposite of Colossus and Wolverine’s move : instead of being throw, Wolverine is being dropped on the enemy. 

David Lopez - All New Wolverine #1 p.21-22
David Lopez – All New Wolverine #1 p.21-22 © David Lopez / Marvel

Laura, even as the new Wolverine, isn’t indestructible. She has been hurt by the helicopter’s crash and its explosion. Once again, there is a contrast between Angel and Wolverine’s reaction : the first one worries sick about the idea that Laura might be hurt, while Laura isn’t concerned about her wounds. This shows how deeply Angel cares about Laura, and how their relationship may have evolved in eight months. Despite his new appearance and his new powers, Angel is still a sensitive teenager ; and despite her past and her powers, Laura is no longer the cold blooded murderer she was before. I think their relationship works because they each bring something different to it. Their differences make their love stronger. 

David Lopez - All New Wolverine #1 p.26
David Lopez – All New Wolverine #1 p.26 © David Lopez / Marvel

This new volume of Wolverine is a successful one – at least for its first issue. The duo Angel-Wolverine works, they both bring something different a series needs : emotion, action and humor. The revelation about Laura’s assailant is breathtaking, and I can’t wait to read her next adventure with Angel. 


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