Gabriel Hernandez Walta – The Vision #1

The spanish comic-book artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta began his career at the Marvel editions with Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way #2 in March 2010. His first important work for Marvel was the drawings of Magneto (2014-2015) with the author Cullen Bunn (who’s actually working on the new Uncanny X-Men series), the third series dedicated to the master of magnetism. Gabriel Hernandez Walta has a very particular style, compared to Humberto Ramos or Jamie McKelvie for example, which was abble to perfectly depict Magneto’s torments. He’s now working on the new series dedicated to Vision, the synthezoid Avengers.

The Visions are a new family on Hickory Branch Lane, Arlingtion. As we often see it in the American TV shows, the neighbors went to the new family to welcome them into the neighborhood with homemade pastries. Vision, happy to be welcomed with his family as a real human family, introduces himself, his wife and children, then his house. He takes the opportunity to take his visitors into a tour of the house, presenting them his collection like a piano offered by Black Panther, a flying vase offered by the Silver Surfer, and a clipped everbloom plucked, a gift from the Scarlet Witch. If Vision’s smiling when he presents this tree to the neighbors, his wife Virginia seems upset. It’s no surprise, since Visions was married to Scarlet Witch and erase his feelings for her before creating Virginia and their twins. Besides, Viv and Vin might be compared to the twins Scarlet Witch created as her’s and Vision’s. Despite the fact that he erased all his feelings for her, he didn’t totally forget her.

Gabriel Hernandez Walta - The Vision #1 p.5
Gabriel Hernandez Walta – The Vision #1 p.5 © Gabriel Hernandez Walta / Marvel

Following George and Nora’s visit, Virginia and Vision have a conversation in the kitchen. Gabriel Hernandez Walta and Tom King‘s purpose is to humanize Vision, to make him look more like a father, a husband and a middle-class man than a superhero. It follows Stan Lee‘s main idea to make Marvel’s heroes fallible, human-like. This is why we have so many everyday life scenes in this issue, and why I like it so much. Virginia was upset, but thanks to dialogue Vision has succeeded to get closer to her and bury the hatchet. I’m very fond of the third and fourth panels, on which Vision’s hand is reaching for Virginia’s. First, he’s touching his fingers, then gently, he grabs her hand as Virginia lets her anger go.

Gabriel Hernandez Walta - The Vision #1 p.8
Gabriel Hernandez Walta – The Vision #1 p.8 © Gabriel Hernandez Walta / Marvel

Unfortunately, the Visions’ quest for normality quickly reaches an end. First the twins have fun showing everybody their powers, to impress the children of the neighborhood. Then everyone wants to take a selfie with Vision or a photography of the Vision’s family. They’re not treated like any normal family, but rather like an object of curiosity. The twins don’t realize that they are seen as freaks, as monsters, thus they don’t have any problems showing their powers. Unlike Vision and Vivian, whose invasion of privacy is slowly starting to annoy them. 

Gabriel Hernandez Walta - The Vision #1 p.9
Gabriel Hernandez Walta – The Vision #1 p.9 © Gabriel Hernandez Walta / Marvel

Vision’s expectation of a normal life doesn’t stop him to remain a member of the Avengers – he’s one of the All New All Different Avengers by Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar. Unfortunately, on one day where he was on a mission, his house was attacked by Eric Williams, aka Grim Reaper. Eric Williams is the brother of Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man, whose brain patterns were endowed by Ultron inside Vision’s neural processors. For Eric Williams, Vision is not a real person, just a copy of Simon’s brain. And since Simon is apparently dead – in fact trapped inside Rogue’s head – Eric doesn’t bear the fact that Vision’s alive. Thus jealous that the Visions’ family was happy, whereas the Williams’ never was, Eric attacked the Visions, starting by stabbing Viv. Like a lioness, Vivian reacted and fought back with the presentation tray on which were the homemade pastries. Vivian, as a synthezoid, has a super-strength and has apparently killed Grim Reaper. Her face, stained with blood, terrifies Vin, who begs his mother to stop. She was in a frenzy of rage, and didn’t realize what she was doing. The contrast between her face in the second panel and in the fourth is impressive : first she’s angry, furious, then she’s ehab, voiceless at the sight of the bloody corpse.

Gabriel Hernandez Walta - The Vision #1 p.21
Gabriel Hernandez Walta – The Vision #1 p.21 © Gabriel Hernandez Walta / Marvel

Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta managed to humanize Vision and his family before confronting them to the reality of the humans. Their curiosity invades disrespectfully the Visions’ privacy, and regardless of their own feelings. The first issue is a successful one : the artistic team really did a great job with Vision and his relationships with his family, the annoyance of Viv towards Vision’s recollections of Scarlet Witch’s, the terror of the twins at the sight of Grim Reaper’s attack. They made the Visions look like a real human family, and I can’t wait to read the second issue. 


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