All New Wolverine

Wolverine is dead, long-live Wolverine. James “Logan” Howlett being dead since October 2014 (it happens during the Death of Wolverine storyline), the Marvel editions had to find a new Wolverine. It did better, and found two Wolverines. The first one is best-known as Old Man Logan, who found himself on our Earth at the end of his Secret Wars tie-in. He will be a member of the Extraordinary X-Men and have is own series. The second one is the official Wolverine of the All New All Different Marvel, and her name – because yes, that’s a she – is Laura Kinney, aka X-23.

Laura Kinney is Logan’s clone, the 23rd. She was first introduced into the Marvel Universe in the TV show X-Men Evolution (2003), then added into the mainstream universe, Earth 616. She was for a while a student at the X-Mansion, then a member of X-Force and most recently she was a teammate of the original X-Men in All New X-Men. She still is a member of the team – besides, Angel, who she’s dated, appears in the first issue of All New Wolverine.

This new series is written by Tom Taylor, the well-known author of Injustice : Gods amongs us since 2013, and for his work on many Star Wars series with the editor Dark Horse, between 2009 and 2012. 


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