All New X-Men

All New X-Men, the new flagship comic book of the X-Men franchise, ended last June with his 41st issue. Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen after the events of Avengers versus X-Men, this series introduced the five original X-Men – Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel, Iceman and Beast – into our time. They’re brought by the actual version of Beast, who thought only them could save the world after Cyclops gone mad, possessed by the Phoenix force. But Beast had an alternate motive explaining why he was willing to put in danger time and space themselves. He was trying to save himself, and thought only a younger version of himself could do it.

Stuart Immonen drew about 20 issues of this series, before he left for All-New Captain America. A few other artists drew a few issues too, like Mahmud Asrar, David Marquez or Andrea Sorrentino. Brian Michael Bendis was the sole writer of the series, as well as for Uncanny X-Men, which was linked to All New X-Men. Both of these series will end with the 600th issue of Uncanny X-Men, which the publication date has been delayed to October 7th 2015, after Secret Wars. Speaking of, the events of this major crossover will affect the X-Men, but All New X-Men will not be canceled, only rebooted. Therefore, the next issue will be a new 1, with a new creative team : Dennis Hopeless (author) and Mark Bagley (artist).

The original X-Men brought in our time lived many adventures, which some of them took place in space : the Trial of Jean Grey, and more recently Black Vortex. Both of these spatial adventures involved the Guardians of the Galaxy, with which the original X-Men bonded immediately, particularly their professor, Kitty Pride, and the Guardians’ leader, Starlord. As many crossovers, Black Vortex involved many comic books series, one of them being All New X-Men. The artist who drew these two issues was Andrea Sorrentino, and he did a wonderful job : All New X-Men #38-39 are unforgettable. The end of Black Vortex promises many surprises and twists, especially from some characters you would not believe it.

And after so many adventures, it’s time to go back to Earth, Cyclops included. The original X-Men are finally reunited for two more issues, drawn by the talented Mahmud Asrar. All New X-Men #40 in particular made a sensational noise when some of it pages leaked some month ago about the coming-out of Iceman. How can an original X-Men be gay, whereas his actual version is not ? Or is he ? Or is he bi ? The answer awaits us in the final issues of All New X-Men.

Eight Months have passed since the world came back to “normal”. Not only are the mutants the most hated and feared of all the super-beings, but they’re also the carriers of the M-Pox, a disease caused by the T-Mist. All of this doesn’t matter for Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley, the new artistic team of the All-New X-Men. For their first issue, they decided to focus on the young Scott and its relation with his older self’s revolution and its consequences. A bunch of lunatic mutants, named the Ghosts of Cyclops, consider themselves as the successors of Cyclops’ revolution, and are willing to terrorize an entire city to prove their point. Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley open this first issue with rescues, fights and a huge demonstration of power. They didn’t let our heroes rest – they had eight months to do that – and I love this. The team must gather one more time to save one of their own, thus begin the new adventures of the All-New X-Men.


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