Following the events of the Trial of Jean Grey (2014), a crossover between the All New X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy, the young Scott Summers decide to go into space with his long-lost father, Christopher Summers, aka Corsair, the leader of the Starjammers. Thus began the aventures of Cyclops, written by Greg Rucka with the drawings of Russell Dauterman, whereas the covers are from the great Alexander Lozano.

When the idea of a comic book series based of Cyclops leaked, everyone was expecting  that the main character would be the old Cyclops, and certainly not the young one. What a surprise was the revelation. But if we think about it for one minute, it all makes sense. Who would rather like a comic book about this young Cyclops, snatched from his own time and space, than one about the character we know from the beginning of the X-Men franchise ? Of course it’s basically the same character, but their story is very different. The young one’s just became a X-Men and had his first fight against Magneto, whereas the old one has had a lifetime of battles to fight –  and it’s not over yet.

We have to remember that the main reason why Beast has brought the original X-Men in our time is for changing things. So by following the young Cyclops into space, maybe we’ll witness some turning point, which will change the old Cyclops’ behavior ? We also have a few interrogations that’ll need to be answered : what happened to Corsair ? Why is he not dead (Vulcan, his third son and Scott and Alex’s brother, killed him in Uncanny X-Men #486) ? And how did Hepzibah get back together with the Starjammers ?

Starstruck (Cyclops #1-5)

The first third episodes of this comic book series were drawn by the talented Russell Dauterman (Cyclops #1-3), before his departure for the new Thor series. His successor was the spanish artist Carmen Carnero, who illustrated the fourth and fifth episodes. These two and Greg Rucka (the author) produced an amazing start of Cyclops’ space aventures. Sadly, we won’t find any of them for the following episodes, but the next team is pretty great too : John Layman (author) and Javier Garron (artist).

Family reunion is the first word that came to mind after reading this first collected edition. Christopher and Scott Summers, father and son, reunited and living on adventures like pirates. It’s touching to see the young Cyclops trying to impress his father – and not embarrassed himself – compared to the actual Cyclops, founder of the Secret Charles Xavier School and leader of the mutant rebellion . The first one is still a student, he doesn’t know a lot about life and love – he has tried to write a letter to Jean Grey, but all he managed to do was writing nothing but a lot of drafts. With Jean still on Earth, Scott has the possibility to flirt here and there, like any other teenager. The series is not a rewriting of their – more than – difficult relationship, it presents a new perspective from Cyclops only point of view. Far away from her, with a bunch of alien teenagers and his father nearby, Scott can grow and mature in a different way than the old Scott did, especially when it comes to Jean Grey.

A first promising volume following the young and maybe soon-to-be leader of the mutant, far away from home and reunited with his pirate father. The artistic team did a wonderful job, and I’m more than excited to see Russell Dauterman‘s work on Thor.


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