Darth Vader

One month after the publication of the first issue of Star Wars, the first issue of Darth Vader was released. Written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Salvador Larroca, the Darth Vader‘s series focuses on the dark lord after the destruction of the Death Star on Star Wars IV a New Hope. . For a first series focused on such a charismatic character, Marvel’s cast has to be perfect. And so it is : Kieron Gillen is a fantastic writer, and the pencils of Salvador Larroca give Darth Vader the poise he deserved. Finally, what can I say about the covers, designed by the wonderful Adi Granov ? You can just spend as much time looking at the cover than reading a single page of the comic book. This series allows us to understand the actions and the thoughts of Darth Vader, more human than robot compared to the movies. We can sometimes literally plunge into his mind and travel across his memories as Anakin Skywalker.

Vader – Darth Vader #1-6

Secluded and unworthy of the emperor’s trust, Darth Vader faces the fall of his star. He has to come with a plan to regain the emperor’s attention, but he is going into a mission of his own : the search of the mysterious pilot’s identity. On one hand, Vader has to come clean in front of the emperor, but in the other hand he’s hiding a secret from him. Will he managed to keep that mission a secret ? Will the emperor find out about his treason ? Vader is not alone in this. He hired the rogue archeologist Aphra, and her two monstrous droids, Triple Zero and BT-1 assassin droid. The first one looks like a silver C3PO, with a passion for torture, whereas the second is like a killer R2D2. Once again, Darth Vader is surrounded by two droids, who sometimes joke around like CP3O and RD2D used to.

Salvador Larroca - Darth Vader #4, p.5
Salvador Larroca – Darth Vader #4, p.5

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