Dr. Strange

Stephen Strange, aka Dr. Strange, aka the Supreme Sorcerer, finally got his own series. After saving the multiverse with Doom and creating a world where Doom was literally a God, Battleworld, Stephen Strange at least deserved this honor. One question though gnaw at me : how come Doctor Strange’s still alive after Secret Wars ? As a reminder, Doom killed Stephen Strange at the end of Secret Wars #4 for his treason against him. Did Doom resurrect Strange before the end of Secret Wars, as a gesture of atonement for what he’s done ? Or, even more likely, does the deaths that occurred in Battleworld mean nothing ? Therefore, Cyclops too – who’s been killed by Doom in Secret Wars #4 – is alive. This is a tough question, and I hope Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic thought it through.

Anyway, Stephen Strange is back on a series written by Jason Aaron and drew by Chris Bachalo. The two of them used to work together on Wolverine & the X-Men, and the results were pretty great. It’s only reasonable to think the same thing will happen for Dr. Strange. But Jason Aaron is also the writer of two others Marvel series : Star Wars (since its beginning in January 2015) and the Mighty Thor (even before its relaunch when it was simply called Thor). The same author on three very different and no-connected titles, isn’t it too much ? Didn’t one of them will suffer from this, for example Star Wars which happen to be in a different universe ? Only time can answer this, but I sincerely hope these series stay at the same level as they already are.

Stephen Strange doesn’t come alone, he’s bringing in his trail a lot of magical creatures who are threatening the human population on Earth. Surely this series is not happening by chance : it’s a way Marvel found to attract new readers who are aware of the upcoming movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Doctor Strange, the movie, is scheduled for release in November 2016. This give Marvel a year to attract as many readers as possible, who’ll be potential spectators for this movie.


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