Extraordinary X-Men

Extraordinary X-Men is the new flagship title of the X-Men under the All New All Different Marvel re-branding. Created by Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos, the series follows the conclusion of Brian Michael Bendis‘ run on Uncanny X-Men with the discovery on the poisonous T-mist. Like all of the All New All Different series, Extraordinary X-Men takes place eight month after the end of Secret Wars. During these months, the T-mist has caused serious damages to mutantkind – we saw its effects on Rogue in Uncanny Avengers #1 – and the X-Men have leaved the Jean Grey School to build a hidden safer place, X-Heaven.

Jeff Lemire – who started to work with Marvel recently – is best-known for his work with DC Comics. He wrote among other series Superboy (2010-2011), Animal Man (2011-2014) and Green Arrow (2013-2014). His first job for the Marvel editions was the relaunch of a new Hawkeye series, All New Hawkeye, in March 2015. Thus he’s carrying on and he’s the writer of the post-Secret Wars Hawkeye series (with Ramon K. Perez). Moreover, he’s in charge of Old Man Logan (with Andrea Sorrentino) and the new Moon Knight series (with Greg Smallwood). I’m glad the same author works on both Extraordinary X-Men and Old Man Logan series, because Logan is a member of the Extraordinary X-Men, and the fact that a single man is working on both these series is a kind of guarantee of continuity.

The first issues of Extraordinary X-Men reminded me of some X-Men arcs, like Decimation and Utopia, but condensed in a single series. The mutants are in danger because of the T-mist and its poisonous effects on them, but more important it had sterilized them already. So the X-Men have sought refugee in a hidden place somewhere, X-Heaven. No new mutant can be born and the remaining ones live on a secluded place : if it’s not a replay of well-known arc, I don’t know what it is. I don’t understand why the Marvel editions decided to take a step back and put at risk the mutantkind once again. After all they’ve been through with Hope Summers and Avengers versus X-Men, the existing mutants are once again the last of their species.


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