From April 2014 to June 2015, Marvel published the fifth Inhumans based comic books series, Inhuman, written by Charles Soule. Following the events of Infinity and the release of the Terrigen Mist, Charles Soule has developed a fantastic story about the Inhumans’ settlement in New Attilan, a city build on the Hudson River with the ruins of the old Attilan, and the discovery of the new Inhumans (called the NuHumans). In 15 issues, the author talked about many aspects of the Inhuman society, compared to the Human one, like the politic, the rights of its inhabitants … and of course the plotting. Charles Soule and the artists, including Joe Madureira and Ryan Stegman, introduced news Inhumans, like Dante Pertuz aka Inferno, Xiaoyi aka Iso or the great Lineage, new identity of Gordon Nobili the head of Nobili crime family.

At first, we can only see the similarities with the X-Men and their former island and residence, Utopia. Like them, the Inhumans settled on an artificial island because a war destroyed their former home, and they raised this island as a sovereign nation. They are no longer hidden from the humanity, and their physical differences make them a threat for the humans – just like the mutants do. But I have to say, those similarities cease quickly. A real story takes place in 15 issues, without any timeout and a lot of twists  : new characters, return from old ones, surprises and treasons.

Joe Madureira started the series with Charles Soule. Unfortunately, he only drew three issues, but what issues. They are incredible. He set a mood, created a few amazing characters like the incandescent Inferno, who appears in Inhuman #1. Ryan Stegman followed the work of Joe Madureira, and worked for almost half of the Inhuman‘s issues, plus some covers, which are amazing : how can we forget about the cover of Inhuman #7 ?

Ryan Stegman - Inhuman #7 cover
Ryan Stegman – Inhuman #7 cover

I can’t wait to read the upcoming series based on the Inhumans, which will be released next fall : All New Inhumans (Charles Soule and Stefano Caselli) and Uncanny Inhumans (Charles Soule and Steve McNiven), plus the Karnak (Warren Ellis and Gerardo Zaffino) solo series. This fall is going to be so exciting, and full of Inhumans.


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