Invincible Iron Man

Like every other heroes, Iron Man is back from Secret Wars with an all new series, Invincible Iron Man. This title refers to the Iron Man series written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Salvador Larroca between 2008 and 2012, before its relaunch due to the Marvel NOW! storyline. This time, Brian Michael Bendis (former writer of both All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men, for which we’re still waiting for the conclusion) and David Marquez are in charge of Tony Stark’s career and Iron Man’s adventures.

It’s an all new Tony Stark that we find back from Battleworld. He’s no longer under the influence of Scarlet Witch’s and Dr Doom’s spell from the AXIS crossover. He’s a new man, a good man – as good as Tony can be. His new armor is a visible sign of this changes. It is adaptable depending on the missions, and can change its shape and its color. Unlike the previous armors, this new one is not attached to Tony’s biology, but to his brain synapses, which explain the possible modifications of shape and color. It looks more like an armor whose purpose is to defend people than a deadly artillery. But we all know that any Stark’s armor is as deadly as the previous one, it’s just more hidden. I think the new mask is responsible for this new look : less threatening, without any “mouth”, more triangular whereas the others were more square.

Speaking of, it seems that for his first adventure on Invincible Iron Man #1, the absence – or the presence – of a mask is a key point for Tony Stark to consider : his first opponent is Madame Mask, and his possible ally is none other than Victor van Doom himself, unmasked.


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