New Avengers

Al Ewing and Gerardo Sandoval are the new artistic team of this post-Secret Wars relaunch of the New Avengers. Unlike the previous teams – led by Captain America or Luke Cage – this one is led by Roberta da Costa, aka Sunspot, a former member of the New Mutants. The billionaire Sunspot bought, after a violent take over, the A.I.M. company, formerly known as Advanced Idea Mechanics, which he rebranded as Avengers Idea Mechanics. The A.I.M., a well-known Avengers’ enemy, is now an Avengers team. Roberto da Costa is surrounded among others by the Kree/Skrull hybrid Hulkling, the mutant Wiccan and the repented villain Songbird.

Like many others All New All Different series, this one illustrates the end of the regular teams : many teams gather both mutants, heroes and inhumans. The singularity of the Uncanny Avengers post-Avengers versus X-Men exists no more. But all the teams don’t have the same goals – luckily for us – and the same enemies. The New Avengers are a rogue team, and not welcomed on the american soil : that’s why they’re staying on Avengers Island (also known as the Hydrobase). The proof is, in the very first issue, Dum-Dum Dugan visited Avengers Island and placed a spy inside Sunspot’s team, Hawkeye. How will the relations between SHIELD, the New Avengers and the U.S. Governments evolve ? This is one of the many questions New Avengers #1 asks.


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