Secret Wars

Secret Wars is THE event of the year 2015, and maybe the most important in matter of changes in years. In fact, the changes will not only affect the Earth-616 – our Earth – but the entire multiverse, and will put an end to the Ultimate universe, known as the Earth-1610. Written by Jonathan Hickman, Secret Wars is the climax of his run on the Avengers and New Avengers series, Time Runs Out. Since he took over both of these series, Jonathan Hickman managed to build a very large story which implies a continue reading, not just issue by issue. It reminds me of Brian Michael Bendis‘ work on both the Uncanny X-Men and All New X-Men series (2012-2015). By working on two or three connected series, the author has the possibility to tell a major story involving a lot of characters. Jonathan Hickman is not alone in this adventure : the artist Esad Ribic accompanies him for all the Secret Wars‘ issues. His drawings give the perfect ambience, the perfect atmosphere, to describe a new world headed by a psycho-god, Doom.

Doom, defeating the Beyonders, took their powers and built a new world, a patchwork of alternative realities, Battleword. The name of this new world itself indicates its toughness and its hardness. But with such a God, what could we expect ? The presence of so many pieces of realities – like Age of Apocalypse (Earth 295), 2099 (Earth 928), House of M (Earth 58163) – allows Marvel to publish a sequel to its most-known crossovers. Thus, it’s almost fifty series that Marvel launch monthly since the beginning of May, like Inhumans : Attilan Rising, Guardians of Nowhere or Old Man Logan. Could you imagine a world where the Civil War between Captain America and Iron Man never ended? What if Magneto was still king of the world ? What if Peter Parker and Mary-Jane were still married ? Therefore we often encounter many Spider-man, many Magneto, many Jane Foster, and don’t let me even speak about the Thors.

But a question remains : what happen if a character dies ? For example if a Magneto dies – in the Red Skull series – which Magneto is dead ? Is it the one from our world, the one from Age of Apocalypse, or from House of M ? And what will be the impact for the post-Secret Wars ? Does the death of the heroes or the villains doesn’t matter as long as we are in Battleworld ?

As exciting as I am to start reading the new All-New All-Different Marvel series, I can’t shake the feeling that something is going to be extremely weird because of the publication delay – the first series will be published in October, whereas the last issue of Secret Wars will come out in December.


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