Spider Gwen

Spider Gwen is back. After an original series following the events of Spider-Verse – which sadly had to end because of Secret Wars – Gwen Stacy takes back her Spider Woman’s costume. Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez are back too, the first one for the script, the second for the drawings.

In Earth 65, the radioactive spider bite Gwen Stacy rather than Peter Parker, giving her the powers of a Spider Woman. In our universe – Earth 616 – Peter Parker could not save Gwen Stacy when Green Goblin throw her off the George Washington Bridge. The parallel drama happened in Earth 65 : Gwen could not save Peter. The meeting between Spider-Man (Earth 616) and Spider Gwen (Earth 65) in Spider-Verse, drawn by Olivier Coipel, is a touching moment. His drawing, without any curlicues, enhanced the emotions of this interdimensional encounter.

Olivier Coipel - Amazing Spider Man #11 p.10 detail
Olivier Coipel – Amazing Spider Man #11 p.10 detail

In her universe, Spider Gwen had to revealed her true identity to her father, the captain George Stacy. But that was before Secret Wars happened … what now ? Did George Stacy remember the identity of Spider Gwen ? Does Spider Gwen remember about Secret Wars – in Spider-Verse SW, she had troubled adjusting to this new world that was Battleworld, because she had memories of both the worlds where she had leaved : Earth 65 and Battleworld ? I guess you’ll have to read Spider Gwen #1 to find out.


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