Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099, aka Miguel O’Hara, is back in our time. After some adventures among others 2099 heroes like Captain America (Roberta Mendez), Hercules and Iron Man (Sonny Frisco) during Secret Wars, Miguel has returned on Earth 616. He’s stuck in our time until he find a way to fix his own homeland, Earth 928, which has been ravaged eight months ago. This time-lapse is also the time between the end of Battleworld and the return of Earth 616 as we know it – or at least slightly transformed. What happened during these months ? For now Miguel O’Hara seems to be the most damaged character among the community of the heroes – mutants aside of course. Why is Earth 928 in such a terrible condition ? Earth 65, the homeland of Spider-Gwen, seems to be fine. For now, with only Spider-Man 2099 #1 to our disposal, all we can do is guess and wonder why one particular Earth is devastated while an other is fine.

Peter David is the author of this second relaunch of Spider-Man 2099, as he was the author of its first relaunch. He’s working with Will Sliney, wo like Peter David was already the artist of the previous volume of Spider-Man 2099. Thus the two of them are accustomed to the character, his particularities, his features and his desires. Therefore I think they are the most capable author and drawer to tell us fantastic stories about Miguel O’Hara, stuck despite himself in our time.


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