Star Wars

The relaunch of a Star Wars comic books series by Marvel induced a phenomenal success, as witnessed by the sales of the first issue, almost  one million worldwide. The creative team, Jason Aaron for the script and John Cassaday for the drawings, had a heavy burden to carry : meet the Star Wars’ fans expectations. With a well prepared advertising campaign – started one year ago – and the upcoming movie in December 2015, Marvel showed us one more time how timing is the most important thing in order to be successful.

Following the events told in Star Wars IV a New Hope (1977), and particularly the explosion of the Death Star, the Star Wars series focuses on the rebels’ activities, whereas the parallel series, Darth Vader, follows the adventures of the out of favor Sith lord.

Skywalker Strikes – Star Wars #1-6

Drawn by John Cassaday, the six first issues depicted the destruction of a massive arsenal owned by the empire and the jedi training of a confused Luke Skywalker. Eager to learn more from his dead master, Obi Wan Kenobi, Luke went back to Tatooine, the planet he grew up on and the birth-planet of his father. There, he’s attacked by Boba Fett the bounty hunter, hired by Darth Vader to investigate about the young boy who blew-up the Death Star. The arc end with Star Wars #6 on the most touching scene of all, the discovery by Vader that the boy is his not-dead son.

The journal of Obi-Wan Kenobi – Star Wars #7

What happened to Obi-Wan during the nineteen years separating Star Wars III from Star Wars IV ? Did he stayed hidden on Tatooine, looking after the young Luke Skywalker, or did he keep fighting against the Empire as a rebel ? And how did Luke grew up, amongst a farmer family? Was he happy ? The answers to these questions will be revealed in this new issue of Star Wars,exceptionally drawn by the talented Simone Bianchi.

Showdown on the smugglers’ moon – Star Wars #8

Star Wars #8 marks the beginning of a new story arc and a new artistic team. Jason Aaron is still the author of the comic book series, but the artist isn’t John Cassaday anymore, it’s Stuart Immonen. Continuing on where Star Wars #6 had ended, we follow Luke Skywalker on his spaceship after he finished Obi Wan’s journal. As exciting as this might be, it’s not even the most anticipated event of this issue, as the true identity of the mysterious woman at the end of Star Wars #6 is. She claims to be Han Solo’s wife, but is she trustworthy ? Will she be an ally or a foe of the rebellion ? Is she here to meet with her long-lost husband, or for something else ?


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