The Amazing Spider-Man

Following the events of Secret Wars – which on this day of October 2015 is not finished yet – The Amazing Spider-Man is an All New All Different Marvel comic-book series, written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli. Dan Slott was already the writer of Amazing Spider-Man, since 2008 and the departure of J. Michael Stracynski. He was also the author of Superior Spider-Man, which mean Dan Slott wrote the entire Spider-verse – I mean the Spider-universe, and not Spider-verse, though technically Dan Slott also was the author of this major event – since 2008. It’s been seven years, and he’s still on the job. With him, Spider-man and Peter Parker got through a Brand New Day, facing the consequences of a pact with Mephisto, a new job at Horizons lab and finally, Dan Slott‘s final touch on this series, the death of Peter Parker, replaced on his own body by the mind of Otto Octavius, aka Dr. Octopus. This event started the Superior Spider-Man series (2013-2014).

But of course, the death of Peter Parker couldn’t last for long, and it’s Octopus who erased himself from Parker’s body, letting Peter free to regain control over his own body. Octavius saw that he was not the Superior Spider-Man after all, and that only Parker could save Manhattan and Anna-Maria, Otto’s girlfriend. This third relaunch of The Amazing Spider-Man marks a turning point in Peter Parker’s and Spider-Man’s career. All of a sudden, Peter’s found himself CEO of Parker Industries – before the complete destruction of his building – and Spider-Man a fearsome vigilante – even a violent one, which explain the hatred Felicia Hardy feels, aka Black Cat, towards Spider-Man.

Eight months had passed since the world as we know it – or approximately – is back. Peter Parker is a successful businessman who’s working worldwide, and Spider-Man is his bodyguard. A businessman with a hero as bodyguard, doesn’t that remind you of someone ? Tony Stark and Iron Man on their first adventures in the 1960s. In this new Amazing Spider-Man series, it seems that Peter and Spidey can at least live their fully lives, and one will not encroach in the other’s life. But for how long ? Knowing the talent of Dan Slott, we can never know.


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