The Mighty Thor

Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman are back on Thor. Their Mighty Thor is still the sick doctor Jane Foster – as we have learned at the very ending of their first run with the new Thor – while the previous Thor, Odinson, is missing. Everything is different in Asgardia from the last time we’ve seen it. The All-Father Odin lives recluse inside his castle, protected by the Destroyer, and his wife, Lady Freya, is being held captive for treason. The new Thor is being wanted – Odin has not accepted the fact that his son wasn’t worthy anymore and that a new Thor has made its appearance. Wanted signs are plastered on every wall of Asgardia. 

Russell Dauterman – The Mighty Thor #1 p.26 detail

The first issue of this new Mighty Thor is a promising one : we find the Asgardians and Thor back after eight months, their lives having drastically changed. The enemies we have seen on the first run of Thor, Malekith the dark elf and Dario Agger, CEO of Roxxon, have formed a Dark Council, which purpose is to counteract the new Congress of Worlds serving on Asgardia. Surrounding by enemies, Thor have also to fight against an internal one : her cancer which gradually kills her.