On the moon was waiting a lonely hammer, until a mysterious woman managed to wield it like no one before her …

The new Thor comic-book series presents a new incarnation of the god of thunder, and it’s a woman. The regular Thor, now called Odinson, is not worth Mjolnir and its powers anymore, all because of Nick Fury during the Original Sin cross-over. Jason Aaron (Star Wars, Wolverine and the X-Men) and Russell Dauterman (Cyclops) compose the amazing creative team in charge of  this incredible series. In eight issues, Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman told the story of this mysterious new Thor – who’s not She-Thor, Thora or Thoresse, but simply Thor – without any time out. Each issue is a piece of a larger story, which end with the discovery of Thor’s secret identity on the very last page of the eighth issue. Thor isn’t the only protagonist of the story, Odinson is just as important as her. This eight issues story is really a procurement : Odinson lets the new Thor wear his name and wield his hammer. But the two of them have different goals. If Thor fights against an unusual alliance between Malekith and Dario Agger (CEO of Roxxon Energy Corp), Odison is trying to unveiled Thor’s true identity.

This comic book series is one of the best I’ve read all summer, during which I had some catching up to do. Like I said, the story is full of actions and emotions. The drawings are extraordinary, Russell Dauterman proving once more what is he capable of. Like no one else, he managed to give Asgardia the fairy aura it needs so much.


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