Uncanny Inhumans

After the events of Secret Wars, the Inhumans are back on Earth. The last time we saw them on Inhuman #12, Black Bolt and Medusa were fighting over the throne of New Attilan before Black Bolt, resigned, flew away after destroying his throne. Thus Medusa was made the truly queen of New Attilan, a single queen. Medusa’s adventures were not finished, and soon she and the NuHumans have had to fight against Lineage, aka Gordon Nobili, who turned out to be a descendant from Karnak’s bloodline. But then, on Uncanny Inhumans #0, Black Bolt went searching for his lost boy, Ahura, who appeared to be in the hands of Kang, one of the Inhumans’ greatest enemy. Foreboding the ends of time, the former king made a deal with Kang : in order to save his son, Blackagar confided him to the time traveler.

Black Bolt was right, the world was about to be destroyed. But it was soon rebuilt by a godly empowered Doom, who made Medusa, then Black Bolt, his baroness/baron. By a simple snap of his fingers, Doom inverted their role : the previous ruler of New Attilan was made leader of the opposition, and the former rebel was made baron (see John Timms – Attilan Rising).

Now that the Earth 616 is back to normal – or nearly normal – what are the status of Medusa and Black Bolt ? Are they still separated, one ruling New Attilan while the other is doing God knows what ? Did the hiatus of eight months between the end of Battleworld and the beginning of Uncanny Inhumans #1 allow them to get back together, united against the accusations of releasing a poison against the mutants ? And what happened to Ahura, now that he’s gone trough terrigenesis ?


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