Uncanny X-Men

In 1963 appeared the first issue of the longest-running X-Men title, X-Men – officially changed in 1981 in Uncanny X-Men with the 142nd issue. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the first issues focused on a group of american teenagers – Scott Summers (Cyclops), Warren Worthington III (Angel), Hank McCoy (Beast), Robert “Bobby” Drake (Iceman) and Jean Grey – lead by the professor Charles Xavier, who all possess a different gene in their genome, giving them fantastic powers. For their first adventure they faced the one who’ll soon be known as their arch-nemesis, Magneto.

Jack Kirby - X-Men #1 cover
Jack Kirby – X-Men #1 cover

Many writers and artists followed on this title such as the great Chris Claremont – who stayed from 1975 to 1991 in control of the X-Men, thus being the longest writer in charge of the children of the atom – Scott Lobdell, Matt Fraction and more recently Brian Michael Bendis. The writers were surrounded by talented artists such as Dave Cockrum, Marc Silvestri, Billy Tan and Greg Land. During his time on the title, Brian Michael Bendis worked among others with Chris Bachalo, Frazer Irving and Kris Anka, all of whom drew some pages for Uncanny X-Men 600, the conclusion of Brian Michael Bendis‘ work on the X-Men titles.

Following the events occurred during Avengers versus X-Men, Brian Michael Bendis focused on his Uncanny X-Men on Cyclops and his mutant revolution. Uncanny X-Men wasn’t the only series on which Brian Michael Bendis worked at the same time : he also was the author of All New X-Men, so the two titles were linked and we could see the consequences of what happened in one title in the other – I like the fact that one author was in charge of two related titles.

Finally in November 4th, 2015 Uncanny X-Men #600, the conclusion of Brian Michaeld Bendis‘ story on both Uncanny X-Men and All New X-Men was released. The events told during this issue occurred before Secret Wars, but are so profoundly linked to what happens now – the post Secret Wars – that I understand why Marvel delayed its publication. But I also think it spoil the suspense : the mysterious threat Tempus reveals to Beast at the end on the issue is clearly the disease caused by the terrigen mist released in the atmosphere by Black Bolt. The choice made by Marvel, to close different stories drawn by different artists, is a bold one but I think it works. Each artist has his own style, which give each story its own atmosphere : Kris Anka‘s style in perfect for the reconciliation of Colossus and Magik ; Mahmud Asrar began to work on Iceman’s coming-out, its only logical he concludes it ; who’s best to conclude the All New X-Men‘ series than the one who started it, meaning Stuart Immonen ; and who is better than Chris Bachalo to draw the transfer of power from Magneto to Cyclops ?

Chris Bachalo - Uncanny X-Men #600 cover
Chris Bachalo – Uncanny X-Men #600 cover

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